Rodney, you made me feel more comfortable within myself, more disciplined. Thank you for coaching me and training me, not only physically but mentally. I’ve become more centred in every aspect of my life. Day by day I say goodbye to the fearful and anxious person I once was. I am so grateful and excited to continue on this journey.

Anji Woodley Actress

Life Isn’t All Sunshine And Roses

Life is tough, uncompromising and a battle.

To succeed at the game of life, at your career, you need a Method that will help you take on the battle head on and win.

Hi, I am Coach Rodney King and for the past 2 decades I have taught special force military operators, law enforcement teams, entrepreneurs and CEO’s how to win when everything is on the line.

My Method is unlike any other life or executive coaching program out there. Rather than avoiding the ‘primal’ nature we all experience in trying to live our best life — I show you how to harness the unique energy of your Inner Warrior so you can succeed on your own terms.


How We Make Magic

Learn inner management skills through an action oriented program, incorporating boxing based drills, mindfulness in action and inner game training.

The goal : to teach you unstoppable ’embodied’ tools, so you can take on the Martial Arts of Everyday Life more skillfully and win!

I Went From Being Homeless at 17, And Sleeping On a Park Bench…..


To becoming a world renowned martial artist and coach. I took the inner game lessons I developed on the mat as a martial artist, as a fighter, and created two global brands.

While I never finished high school, using the inner skills I had developed, I went back to school, and at the time of writing this in the last stretch of completing my PhD. My research focus is in Mindfulness Based Leadership.

I have taught extensively all over the world, from working with real life heroes such as special force military operators, to CEO’s, entrepreneurs and emerging artists.

I am an author of two books, and a regular contributor to LifeHack, Huffington Post, Success Fast Lane and others.

6 Principles To Inner Game Success

My Approach is Like No Other

I don’t believe sustainable change happens through discussion, but rather action. All my sessions are physical, where you have the opportunity to engage your whole self, not just your brain. I cal this Mindfulness-in-Action.

Through an action oriented mindfulness based boxing program, I will teach you key inner management tools that you will first master on the mat. It is here where I teach you to embrace your Inner Warrior.

My goal is always to empower you to take what you learn with me on the mat, in my coaching practice and apply those lessons, tools and strategies in your every day life. In no time, you will be taking on the martial arts of everyday life more skillfully.


In life we want everything to be perfect. In fact most people don’t try to achieve anything because they are waiting for perfect to happen. Probably the biggest lesson I ever learned was that, while you are waiting for things to be just right, life happens. The sooner you come to grips with that, the sooner you can achieve personal success. In this section of the workshop I will take you through a series of drills that will highlight the paradox of imperfection, that is needed for perfect peak performance.


Thinking isn’t inherently bad, but what you focus on can be. Reflecting on past mistakes, or planning for the future are crucial for long term achievement. But when it comes to performance, in the moment, when it matters most, past and future can get you into trouble. When your thoughts are moving into the past or the future, you can easily get caught up in a mental vortex, and spin out of control. Most importantly you lose contact with the present moment, the only moment you can fully respond with clarity. In this section of the workshop I will teach you specific thinking drills that will enable you to harness the power and clarity of the present moment.


How you hold your body, not only changes your physiology, it also changes how you think and feel about yourself. How you show up in the world then, matters more than you ‘think’. Scientists have discovered that some very simple gestures, such as how you shape your mouth, can affect your mental attitude. Bottom line, the fact is while our minds and bodies are different, they always go together. In this section of the workshop I will introduce you to attitude embodied, and why it is essential for peak performance in any endeavour.


In this section of the workshop I will introduce you to mindfulness-in-action. Mindfulness is a state of being where you are able to just be present without judging the outcome of your experience. It involves not becoming attached to negative thinking and emotions, and the stories that have always held you back from achieving success in your life. The outcome is the ability to be fully present, which then leads to what I call the fluid mind. This is an embodied state that will allow you to take on the martial arts of everyday life and win!


Breathing shouldn’t only be seen as something you do simply to stay alive, but rather, and equally important something you need in order to act. More and more, the medical community is realising that sympathetic dominance (fear/aggression response) underlies many modern-day maladies, including anxiety and hypertension. While all the variables of the root cause of sympathetic dominance are not completely understood, one root causes is, in fact, suboptimal breathing. This section looks at how to speak to your nervous system so that you can better manage those moments of intense stress.


True success in life is one’s ability to bounce back from setbacks. But it is also about putting in the work. In this final section of the workshop I focus on showing you how to build resilience, surviving the hustle and why I believe you need more challenge play in your life to truly be successful.

“ Being a entrepreneur and involved in a high stress industry I found myself drowning under the pressure of everyday life as a businessman, husband and father. That all changed when I started training with Rodney. He has taught me to control my stress levels and to stay calm and focused under pressure, it has also given me a new level of self-confidence. The easiest lesson he taught me that has had the most impact is simple Breathe! Such a simple tool but the most profound. If you looking for something different that will challenge you and teach you to deal with the stress of everyday life Rodney is your man”

Zane Rault – Entrepreneur

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